To create an account, click here! So you already signed up huh? Before you do anything smart umm.. I mean stupid please read the rules/guidelines. We also hate rules but we should put rules in this wiki to make this wiki a happy place.

No Bad UsernamesEdit

Don't use usernames with rude or strong words. We will block you instantly in this wiki. Rename your username so we will unblock you. Notify an admin after you rename your username so we will unblock you.

No Extreme ContentEdit

Don't use or post any extreme content such as posting pornographic pictures or pictures full of gore and any violent stuff.

No Cursing or SwearingEdit

No swearing or cursing to other people especially admins. You will be blocked for 5 days. You can post videos with swearing in it but please, just please put a caption that says Warning: This video contains a lot of swearing. Just remember this word: RESPECT.


Don't use capslock when you are angry at people. It is called disrespect. When you have a problem, just message an admin and it will all be alright. You can use capslock for funny reason like LOL! I JUST ATE A BURGER THEN I ATE A SANDWICH!


No spamming to other people. If you spam, we will block you for 2 weeks. If you do that again, we will block you forever. Also, don't use chain messages such as OMG! This is 100% real! Kiss your crush blah blah! It is also called spamming. 


Trolling other people is also an act of disrespecting. So don't troll them. We will block you for 2 days if you do that.

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