So you want to know the Wiki secrets huh? Well here is it! The WikiforDummies Wiki:Guidelines will guide you in everything to help you in this Wiki.

How to Create a Page?Edit

In the WikiforDummies Home Page, you'll see a thing that looks like this:

That's called an inputbox. Just type the title of the page you want to create, then click the "Create" button. Hah. Button.... butt. Remember: The title must start to a capital letter.

How to Add Images in a Page?Edit

To add a photo in a page, click the "Photo" sign located at middle right sid eof your screen. Don't understand what I just said? Well, here's a picture for you to understand.


Wiki4Dummies GuidePage 1

Click the "Photo" sign.


Wiki4Dummies GuidePage 2

Click the "Choose File" button

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