The UnAnything Wiki is a strict, stern, serious, super swell, and evil wiki that you could mix video shames/games and internet memes and etc., It is also Viacom Inc. and Hell. It also has angry abnormal aggressive annoying administrators and former administrators that were secret agent and were dumb, evil, horrible, selfish, and stupid and were extremely protective of these articles in the UnAnything Wiki and 100% evil but smarter and better than you. Teletubbies were became popular in the UnAnything Wiki after some cunts in the UnAnything Wiki made good articles but mostly evil articles of the Teletubbies and their world and TV series. This wiki hates you and were against individuals and also vandalized other wikis by destroying their public property and by spamming them, they also abused the Teletubbies and upset them. The UnAnything Wiki has plans destroy Wackypedia and MirrorUnCyc and rule the world and the Prime Universe of the Regular Multiverse. The UnAnything Wiki is a parody of TV shows, Video games, and etc.