Sylvia the Zbornak
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Also known as: Saliva
Species: Zbornak
Age: around 30
Friends: Wander
Enemies: Lord Hater and Commander Peeps
Sylvia is a tomboyish horse that travels along with her butt-buddy Wander.


After her planet was destroyed by Thanos, she migrated to another planet which was soon destroyed again by Thanos. She did the same thing over and over until she evolved to run fast. Her only friend and butt-buddy is Wander, a hairy spoon with ADHD. After teaming up with a retarded orange alien, she promised to defeat Thanos and return him to the Phantom Zone.


Super SpeedEdit

She can run faster than almost anything. She can run faster than Flash, ninjas, crap, stuff.