Justin Bieber use Spit.

is a method of attacking other Pokémon using saliva.

How to Train Your Pokémon to Use SpittingEdit

To master this kind of attack, your Pokémon must drink lot of water. About 60 glasses of water. After that, tell your Pokémon to store excess water and release it to their mouth like a cannonball being released in a cannon.


According to Professor Oak, he discovered this kind of attack when he was forcing a Squirtle to eat spaghetti drink water so that the Squirtle will become stronger. After 500 glasses of water, the Squirtle spitted so much water that it eventually died.


There are two types of Spitting. The first one is the normal spitting and the second one is the triple spit.

Normal SpitEdit

Normal spitting can be mastered easily. Force your Pokémon to drink a glass of water then made them spit it like a cannon ball being released.

Triple SpitEdit

Triple spitting is a really hard type of spit and only professionals can do it. In fact, only Legendary Pokémons can be able to master this kind of attack. No Pokémons that aren't legendary has mastered this attack yet.