Shia LaBeouf
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Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Shia LaBuff, The Shia, Just Do It Guy
Species: Memelord
Age: 29
Friends: People doing it.
Enemies: People not doing it.
Occupation: Memelord
First Appearance: YouTube
Voice: JUST DO IT!
Shia LaBeouf is a motivational speaker who influenced ill-advised people and created the biggest trend of 2015 known as "JUST DO IT!". He's nonsensical catchphrase made millions of people follow him then made him an ultimate memelord.


He was a Hollywood actor that gained popularity from that movie that was directed by that guy who is sexually obsessed with explosions. He then decided to quit being an actor then decided to become a motivational speaker just to fulfill his dreams of motivating millions of people to follow him thus the trend of 2015.


Shia Labeouf's legacy will never be forgotten in this world of ours for he is an ultimate memelord. The practice of performing the "JUST DO IT" act is still existing up to this day and has become a tradition at some parts of the world.