North Korea


Country Information
Motto: We rure da worrd!
Anthem: I'm A Korean!
Capital: Pyongyang
Official Languages: Korean, Gibberish, Russian
Enemies: All the countries!
National Hero(es): Our great dear leader Kim Jong Il!
Population: CounterCounter

Informations about North KoreaEdit

North Korea is a place where everyone is being brain-washed by some Kim-Jong Il.[1]

It is the most happiest country in the whole world and is known for their fattest and stupidest happiest and fluffiest president Kim Jong Il.

North Korea's current president is a hungry pig. Some say that North Korea is being enslaved because of the president's stupid brain.

But if you ask me, North Korea is the greatest country ever! Why is it the greatest country ever? Well the economy is great. The places there are awesome and humongously large and huge. That's why me love North Korea because me think North Korea better!   

North Korea is also known as Best Korea. Everybody loves North Korea including me! North Korea is great!

If you are looking for a nice vacation then go to North Korea!




The History of North KoreaEdit


Oh look! The pig and the UFO!

North Korea was discovered by Ferdinand Magellan in 1490. North Korea's name is originally going to be called "Lixo Ilha" but since the country is located at north, and the country is full of unknown white naked creatures, Ferdinand Magellan named it "Coréia do Norte" which was translated into "North Korea".

North Korea was ruled since a UFO crashed. When the scientists studied the UFO, a pig came out and that's Kim Jong Il. The pig went to North Korea and ruled the country.

Dora believed that North Korea was formed using Twilight's dark magics and spells.


The more you know...

North Korea was a sad country but now it is a very happy and peaceful country thanks to the president! A Japanese general named Godzilla ordered his men to attack North Korea since 1943. North Korea was enslaved and sad. General Douglas MacArthur sent some American soldiers in North Korea to help the North Koreans defeat the Japanese. The war ended in 1950.

Most North Koreans today hate the president because they say that he is stupid and he looks like a pig.


  • The UFO where Kim Jong Il came from was buried somewhere we don't know. Maybe it's in Mars? We don't know.
  • North Korea is the largest country in the whole world.

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  1. Truth.

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