Mr. Bean
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Stupid British guy
Species: Human
Age: 58
Friends: Every British people
Relatives: British people
Occupation: Taco Bell employee - present

Multi-billionaire star - 1999

Prisoner - 2001-2004

First Appearance: Mr. Bean Series

Mr. Bean is a British guy who is well-known for his stupidity.

He became popular when he started a show called Mr. Bean Series. The show became popular since 1999. Mr. Bean became the richest guy in Britain. The show was cancelled after 9/11 happened. He then quitted being a multi-billionaire TV star and ends up working at a fast-food restaurant.

Mr. Bean is now currently working at Taco Bell

The Taco Bell Murder Case (2001-2004)Edit

On Aug 19, 2001 a body of a young boy was found in a bathroom. Everyone think it was Mr. Bean who killed the boy and was thrown in prison for 12 years and was rehabilitated. 

He was released on Oct 6, 2013

The Animated SeriesEdit

Bean created an animated version of Mr. Bean Series. It is about Bean doing stupid stuff like cleaning a house, playing with his teddy bear like a 7 year old kid, etc. Sadly, the show got cancelled 1 year later because, its population rate went down.

Episode GuideEdit

Season 1

  • "Rage" Mr. Bean kills everyone with a shotgun because he can't swallow his sandwich.
  • "Bean Is Mean" In this episode, Bean stole a doll from a girl and ate it.
  • "Cheating Bean" Bean cheats on his girlfriend Irma. When Irma learned that Mr. Bean is cheating on her, she killed Bean and ate his corpse.
  • "In-Tuh-Net" Mr. Bean bought a new laptop and destroys it.
  • "Mr. Bean's Suicide" After suffering from a really nasty diarrhea, Mr. Bean kills himself.

Season 2

  • "A Bean Terrorist" Mr. Bean joins a gang of terrorists.
  • "Ice Cream" Mr. Bean ate an ice cream then died.