Mountain Dew since 1800s century.

Mountain Dew is a carbonated drink founded by Coca Cola. It is created and sold in almost everywhere. Mountain Dew is so addictive that it can kill 39 people.

What is it made of?Edit

It was discovered by scientists that Mountain Dew is created from millions of human soul. Don't believe me? Try this.

  • Put peroxide and baking soda in Mountain Dew.
  • Now you know why it is made up of human souls.
  • And you'll probably never want to buy Mountain Dew again.

Mountain Dew is like beer for men except, it is carbonated and human soul. Mountain Dew is awesome! Why don't you try drinking Mountain Dew?

History of Mountain DewEdit

Mountain Dew's original name was "Rainbow Tylenol". The product changed the name into Mountain Dew in 1746. Rainbow Tylenol's name was changed because the people think that name is bad.