Godzilla Japan Flag
Country Information
Motto: Facebook? Why don't you face book and study?
Anthem: Every single Anime theme songs
Capital: Tokyo
Largest City: Tokyo
Official Languages: Engrish, Japanese
Enemies: North Korea
National Hero(es): Godzilla
Population: 200,300,400 and decreasing
Currency: Japanese yen

Japan (also known as Nippon, Nipple, and Turnip) is an awesome country who creates old-school games such as Super Mario, Legends of Zelda, etc. It's main tourist attractions are monsters because they create cool lasers. Japan is well-known for their commercials because, there commercials hypnotize people to buy their products.

Japan is one of the most smartest country in the world because they are the one who created this popular game about Italian plumber saving a Blonde. princess about to be eaten by a dinosaur.



Products in Japan.

The products in Japan are so awesome. There products their are f****** weird just simply amazing. The products in Japan are mostly bathroom stuff such as toilets because bathrooms are their #1 hiding places whenever there is a war or when kaijus, yōkais and furries are raging. All I can say is WHAT THE HELL JAPAN! I WUB JAPAN!

Inside the countryEdit

It's really awesome! It's full of monsters and destroyed buildings on fire. It is also full of white creatures with undersized chinpoko. Japan is really great. I mean the economy there is great. The places there are huge and most parts of it are destroyed. Japan is really awesome. It is also one of the country who gets visit from monsters, disasters and Anime stuff alot. 

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