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Elsa's self-portrait.

Elsa the Snow Queen or simply Elsa is a girl who got the abilities to freeze people and create life. Yeah I know right. Create life using her hands. Weird. She is also an icebender. She could be fictional or real. Scientists today are still trying to recover the truth if she is real or just fictional.


Not much is known about Elsa's past. All we do know is that she accidentally hit her sister once and when her parents learned about it, they forced her to eat spaghetti stay away from people because a trollface said so.

Ice PowersEdit


"I love the smell of DINNER!".

After 3 years of being locked up in her room, she finally decided to open up the kingdom's gate because it's her coronation day. She became a queen even though she's a virgin. When her sister Anna asked her for blessing for her marriage to Hans, Elsa disagrees. Anna pisses her off until she accidentally used her ice powers in public. People were shocked and attempted to capture her. Sensing the smell of dinner danger, she ran away then created her own kingdom. At least that's what some people say. Anyway, Anna tried to stop her from getting away but it was too late for that. She already escaped Arendelle. Anna traveled with her horse to find her sister until she met a guy named Kristoff Bjorgman along with his deer Sven. Together, they tried to find her kingdom until they met another guy. But it was not a human. It was a snowman that Elsa built with her hands. And yes, it's alive. They went on a journey again until they found her Ice Castle. Anna bravely went into the castle and tried to talked to Elsa. Elsa was surprised and then she killed Anna by freezing her. Today, Anna's body is still frozen and is preserved at Norway. Isn't it mind blowing that Anna's body is still frozen even if there's global warming?


Elsa has the ability to create ice using her hands. But not just that, she can also create life, make a dress and create stuff out of ice. Scientists tried to find an explanation on how Elsa could do this. Scientists from National Geographic tried to examine Elsa's bones. Scientists theorize that her bones may be exposed to too much radiation and that her ice powers may come from radiation but there are no proof of significant radioactive material in Norway (you know, besides all of those Soviet bomb tests). Could it be aliens? Could it be spaghetti? Some suggests that Elsa isn't really real or she is just a fictional character created by a troll to waste our time. But there are evidences that Elsa is just fictional. In the story, trolls were included. So is Elsa just a story by a troll or is she real?