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Donald Trump

Donald Trump flipping off China.

Donald Trump is a politican who secretly lives on the planet Stultus. He is 69 years old. While he has a lot of controversy in his other home planet Earth, he is accepted on Stultus. He is part of the Norovirus Army and is friends with PickleodeonBilly Mays, and Brappycat. However, he is enemies with Senior Second Incarnation. He is working on a plan to turn all illegal Mexican immigrants into oxygen. He is the current president of Trumpland, a country on Stultus. The Teletubbies love him and cast 10,000 votes for him, which is how he became Trumpland's president.



Donald Trump when he was born.

Before the existence of Earth, Donald Trump was born in a distant planet locally known as Stultus that was under attack by another race known as Asinumian. His parents are two different races. His mother is a Stultian while his father is an Asinumian. He was relocated to planet Earth 65,000,000 years ago along with other Stultians in a Yo Mama ship. This is the reason why dinosaurs no longer exist.